From Just Us Two to Plus One: Keeping the Spark Alive

From Just Us Two to Plus One: Keeping the Spark Alive
Gareth Beall
From Just Us Two to Plus One: Keeping the Spark Alive
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Before the endless cycle of feeding, changing, and soothing, it was just the two of us. We'd spend hours at the beach, surfing and relaxing. One evening, watching the sunset, we started talking about our soon-to-change lives. The joy of expecting a baby was real, but so was the worry: How would our relationship evolve?

Before the Baby

We made it a point to enjoy our time together. Weekend trips, impromptu dinners, or just long walks became special. Talking about our hopes and concerns for the future helped a lot. If there's one advice I'd give to couples expecting a baby: value these moments. They help build a foundation for the challenges ahead.

After the Baby's Arrival

Life changed dramatically with our baby's arrival. While there was less sleep and more responsibilities, we found moments for each other.

Finding balance wasn't always easy, but we remembered that before being parents, we were a team. Here's what helped us keep our bond strong:

  1. Talk Often: Between baby tasks, a simple chat about our day made a difference.
  2. Home Date Nights: Stepping out wasn't always possible, but a home-cooked dinner or watching a film together kept the romance alive.
  3. Support Each Other: Small gestures, like taking over baby duties to let the other rest, meant a lot.
  4. Stay Playful: A spontaneous dance or a quick joke helped lighten the mood.
  5. Ask for Help: When things got tough, we leaned on family, friends, or even professional advice.
  6. Celebrate Together: Not just the baby's milestones but ours too, like our first outing as a family.

Becoming parents was a significant shift, but it brought us closer in many unexpected ways. As we saw our baby grow, we realised our journey as a couple was taking a new, exciting turn.