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We believe the coming generations are dealt a challenging hand in the game of life. They will be living on an planet that is scarred by the past generations careless exploitation of natural resources and the associated pollution's impact on our climate. This is unfair. We are the guardians of the next generations. When one generation becomes the next a newborn is given a name - a ritual with a lifetime of implications on the individual. We are dedicated to helping parents select the perfect name for their child from the 50.000+ options they must choose between. But our motives are deeper. We will ensure that the birth-names become a truly meaningful gift; a positive impact on the world that the child will grow up in. Sign up to learn more.


The Tech

We are still in developing our product and it is too early to reveal the recipe for our secret sauce - We hope you understand. If however, you are a driven and resourceful individual with a flair for customer centric solutions, and eagerness to build next generation technical solutions and have a deep passion to help parents select the perfect and most meaningful name for their children. We would love to speak with you and maybe reveal some of our secrets...


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Our mission is more than just making a profit, we wish to create a workplace where employees thrive whilst they make a true difference in the world. Currently we are looking for a wide variety of roles across sales and app development.

"We live within the environment. So that directly relates with our survival, our life. So through that way, more concern of well being of humanity, then naturally concerned about environment."

Dalai Lama


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