Bump Ahead: My Rendezvous with a Pregnancy Pillow

Bump Ahead: My Rendezvous with a Pregnancy Pillow
Gareth Beall
Bump Ahead: My Rendezvous with a Pregnancy Pillow
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Once upon a recent time, in a reality not far from your own, I, the dutiful husband, found myself embroiled in a peculiar love triangle. The third party was none other than a gigantic, plush pregnancy pillow named ‘Mr. Marshmallow’. The name was coined by my witty wife, a playful jab at my initial jealousy towards this new bedfellow. I had bought this pillowy companion to ease her nights, to cradle the promise of our growing family as she slept. Yet, little did I know, I was inviting a rival into our marital bed.

The first night Mr. Marshmallow sprawled across our bed, I realised this was no ordinary pillow. As my wife nestled into its comforting embrace, I found myself relegated to a sliver of mattress, teetering on the brink, quite literally.

As nights rolled on, our bedtime became a comedic ballet. My wife, Mr. Marshmallow, and I choreographed our positions to fit the bed, but it was clear who was leading this dance. Mr. Marshmallow had claimed the prime estate of our mattress, its plush lengths curling around my wife in a tender embrace.

One evening, as I gingerly attempted to reclaim some space, I found myself entangled with Mr. Marshmallow. I wrestled gently, trying to assert my rightful place next to my wife without waking her. Mr. Marshmallow, though inanimate, seemed to have a knack for sprawling further, its plushness a stark reminder of the comfort it provided that I could not.

But amidst the nightly ballet, there were moments of humour too. My wife often woke up to find me snuggled up to Mr. Marshmallow, seeking the comfort it so effortlessly offered. The sight would send her into fits of laughter, reminding us of the joy that awaited us in the near future.

As the weeks rolled on, a gentle realisation dawned upon me. The arrival of Mr. Marshmallow was a whimsical precursor to a profound truth - our little world was expanding, and with it, our love was evolving. My wife’s comfort with Mr. Marshmallow was a tender reminder that soon, there would be a new centre of our universe. A tiny being who would snuggle into our hearts, much like Mr. Marshmallow had snuggled into our bed.

The day we welcomed our little one into the world marked the end of Mr. Marshmallow’s reign. As we rearranged our nest to welcome the newest member, Mr. Marshmallow was retired with a ceremonious nod, its duty duly acknowledged.

The memories of those nights bring a smile to our faces, a humorous chapter in our tale of love, anticipation, and the journey to parenthood. And as I now often find myself reminiscing about those days, I share this tale with a heart full of love, a dash of humour, and a profound appreciation for the evolving dynamics of love and family. Through laughter and love, we learned that every addition, be it a plush pillow or a tiny heartbeat, brought a new shade of love, enriching our lives in ways we had never imagined.